Yanni Poluan, Suffers Elephantiasis for 12 Years

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TOMOHON, – Heartbreaking. First impression that strike the moment came face-to-face with Yanni Risal Yoseph Poluan (51), a patient that suffers Elephantiasis (filariasis limfatik), in his home, located in Lingkungan XI Kelurahan Paslaten II Kecamatan Tomohon Timur Kota Tomohon Provinsi Sulawesi Utara (North Sulawesi), Indonesia. A condition that demanded him very little mobilization due to the massive swelling in his right leg and testicular area. This humble farmer have suffered this disease for more than 12 Years.

“The last couple of years, I rarely step-out of the house, because of the swelling in my right leg and testicular area. It has been difficult to move,” said the man who was born in Tomohon, on June 1st, 1966 to

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According to Mrs. Juliana Langitan, Mr. Yanni’s mother that a number of effort have been worked-out in hope of curing the Elephantiasis to no avail.

“Up until now, we have consult 8 expert doctors at the Local Public Hospital (RSUD) of Prof. Kandou, Malalayang, Manado. 1 Doctor proposed to sucked all the liquid but no follow-ups until today,” explained Juliana, while apologizing for the nose piercing stench cause by an open wound in the swelling area of Yanni’s feet.

“At the end of last year, his feet leaked out worms, but up until today, no medical care (from the governments) have been made available. She added.

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Another doctor suggested to try a certain kind of medication, which unfortunately, after looking around Manado, the medicine is not available at any local pharmacies.

“We have checked the local pharmacies around Manado, one pharmacies have stocked, but a thrill observation cleared that the medicine have expired,” she said.

Taking the advice from the doctors, Juliana said that, her son, Mr. Yanni, was cared at the hospital for 10 days, but later suggested to undergo a house-care,” she explained with sadness.

From another doctor, Juliana said that, she was informed that the medication to treat the disease isn’t available anywhere, and soon was informed to Yanni.

“Yanni expressed submission to the disease towards his family, mother, wife and a boy, who with all the loyalty they have, cared and supported Yanni,” she explained.

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From the interview,, witnessed the economy condition of Mr. Yanni dan his family which could be categorized A poor. The lived in a squared house, a batako brick wall (unfinished) and plastic window and some furniture in poor condition/shape along with miscellaneous stuffs in the living room.

Information from the neighbor, Mr. Yanni was the provider for the family, a simple farmer cultivating other people land. But ever since the swelling have become so severe, he is in need of all the help he can get to lighten the economic demand. Furthermore, he needs a Medical Attention and Medical Funding in order to get his life back.

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